There are a number of ways you can become involved in Oracy Australia’s work.

Purchase an Oracy Lapel Pin

These cute lapel pins mirror the smiley face of our logo. Oracy lapel pins are available for sale at $5 each plus postage. To purchase a pin contact Anne at [email protected]


From time to time Oracy Australia seeks volunteer support for events and activities. Volunteering provides an opportunity to share skills and experience, learn new skills, gain valuable work experience, meet new people and increase your confidence and self-esteem.

You can also get involved by hosting a fundraising event to raise money for Oracy Australia.

Currently seeking

We currently have no volunteer vacancies.

Make a Donation

A donation to Oracy Australia will assist us to offer the Oracy program to students in socially disadvantaged or remote areas at reduced or no cost.

$30 funds the participation of a primary school student

$35 funds the participation of an English as a second language student

$40 funds the participation of a secondary school student

$100 funds the participation of a student in regional WA

To make a donation please:

Print and complete the donation form and return it to Oracy Australia at PO Box 2161, Churchlands, WA, 6018 or via email to [email protected].

Donations can be accepted by cheque or by direct transfer.

Oracy Australia Association Inc. is a registered not-for-profit. ABN: 60 020 242 426

Sponsor Oracy

Did you know that research demonstrates that those who are socially well integrated and communicate well have the best chance of living longer?  Social integration rates higher than quitting smoking, having a flu vaccine or being fit.

The use of spoken language is not only essential for children to progress socially but also for educational progress. Improved oral communication skills support improved literacy and numeracy skills.

Oracy Australia welcomes corporate sponsorships to assist us to take our program to regional WA and to assist socially disadvantaged students to participate at no cost.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss support to enable us to develop and deliver special programs to children and young adults who have slipped through the educational system and do not have the basic communication skills to support them both socially and professionally.

If you would like to support Oracy Australia through a sponsorship, please contact Jane at [email protected] or on 0409 086 937.

Current Partners