Handbook for Assessors

The Handbook for Assessors provides information on delivering the Oracy Australia program.

Handbook for Assessors

Moderation Sessions

Participation in collaborative moderation sessions is important for Oracy Australia to ensure consistency in assessor professional judgement and to maintain quality assurance. Professional discussions about students’ oracy presentations will improve assessors’ understanding of the requirements of the syllabus, questioning techniques and marking methods.

Trainee assessors are therefore required to participate in moderation sessions as part of their training. Qualified assessors are required to complete at least one moderation session per annum to retain their accreditation as an Oracy Australia Assessor.

Oracy Australia holds two moderation sessions per annum. Assessors may elect to attend both. The dates for 2020 moderation sessions are:

Saturday 13 June 2020

To reserve a place on a moderation session contact Andie Holborn at admin@oracy.org.au.

Assessor Forms

A complete list of all forms covering Oracy Australia’s policies and procedures and assessor requirements is included below:

Oral English Syllabus
Oral Assessment Report Forms
ESL Oracy Syllabus
ESL Report Forms
Drama Assessment Syllabus
Drama Assessment Report Forms
Group Speaking Assessment Syllabus
Group Speaking Report Forms

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